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Místo konání - LETŇANY
PVA EXPO PRAHA Výstaviště Letňany

The second edition of the specialized boat show is coming soon!

Fans of independent traveling, caravans, boats and diving lovers are welcome to come during  the second weekend in March 2018 to PVA EXPO PRAGUE!

FOR CARAVAN, FOR BOAT, FOR TRAVEL and HLUBINA trade fairs will take place there and the exhibitors will occupy the whole exhibition area! Write it down to your diary:  March 9 - 11, 2018 and be there!

The only specialized exhibition of boats FOR BOAT  will lead to the great success of the first year and will occupy one hall more – in total it will occupy 3 halls of the Letňany exhibition area. Visitors might see almost everything what water sports offer: boats, waterboats, sailing boats, luxury yachts and motor boats.

At the same time there takes place the trade fair  for travelling FOR TRAVEL and also the diving exhibition HLUBINA – an event for all divers.  Visitors will get an  unique experience - a swimming pool for divers right in the  exhibition area!

The application forms HERE.

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